Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Golden Ratio

The ratio to put all other ratios to shame.

'Scientist all over the world studied the most beautiful faces from all the different countries to come to the conclusion that all of those faces were considered beautiful because they had the face with the golden ratio. But they wasted their time, they should have just studied your face.'

That is the perfect compliment. My heart may have actually expanded a few mms from how hard I blushed.

But what is the golden ratio when it comes to things beyond the skin, beyond the superficial obvious. Is it finally realizing what people have been saying all along 'when you know you know' or not believing that you are actually capable of feeling that. Is it realizing that this will finally be your thing, and you are going to have to work very hard on it but you don't mind.

When you can see all your flaws and all of his flaws and they fit well together. When even after knowing everything about them you still love them, you give them the power to hurt you and you know they will destroy you sometimes. When they love you a little less, but that's okay because your love for them is enough to compensate. You have inexplicable faith that they will see what you see.

How do you know, when you know? How can you be so sure that this is not just a product of your boredom. Is it knowing that even if someone better came along, you don't care because this person is your person. For once shit is not electric, you aren't losing your head over stupid human things, but the knowledge that your person is here is powerful and there is an intrinsic happiness you have never felt before.

It isn't perfect, it doesn't just line up the way movies showed you, there is no symmetry but just like the golden ratio it is the perfect combination of mismatched features that make it everything you have ever wanted and some that you didn't know you needed.

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