Thursday, December 9, 2010

to my dear girlfriends


I have a little request for all of you. Stop calling/IM-ing me to tell me that how you had this god-awful-break-up with your oh-so-loser-ish-boy-friend, only to tell me 2 days later how you are back together and can't be happier.
See I love you, a lot. Maybe I don’t like your boyfriend, or maybe I do, it doesn’t matter. I love you, so if you have a boyfriend you like, keep him. Or don't. As long as you are happy, I am happy. If he messes with you I will take him down, I promise. But until you have decided that he really has messed with you, don’t tell me about it. And I know you are telling me because you think I am your really good friend and I really appreciate it, I do. but you know what happens - 'oh I broke up with him today....he did this, I said this....I hate him, I don’t know what I saw in him.' being a good friend, I say what you want to hear(and I’ll tell you why I don’t say what I want to, in a little bit) so I say - 'oh it’s ok baby, you shouldn't take this seriously, concentrate on yourself, guys are useless, you can do so much better, blah...boost ur ego and ur self confidence.

And then 2 days, no sometimes it doesn’t even take that long, your facebook/twitter will be - oh I have the best boyfriend in the world, or, I am in love' or something as sick. And it’s not that I am not cheesy/corny or romantic for that matter. I love happy endings and everything lovey-dovey....I have been in and out of love a few times, I know how fights happen and all that. But there is a limit. You know you could have this huge fight once in like 6 months? Or 2 months? and then all this happens, okay I’ll take it...because you know that stuff happens with everyone...frustrations, expectations...random everyday things. But when it happens every week or every 5 days, then I am sorry you do not have my sympathy or empathy after the first 5 times!!! Because if you haven’t noticed already I have been bad-mouthing your boyfriend 5 times already, he must think I am such a loner. Oh and you know the best part? When you ask me - what do you think of him? You don’t like him right?
1. I have never seen him (in most cases)
2. If I have seen him - I don’t meet him as much as you.
3. I only hear your side of the story - which during a fight everything is his fault.
4. Of course I am the best judge of his character? Right?

Now I’ll take some time to tell you what I really think of you and your relationship and the guy you are dating - the stuff I don't tell you. (please keep in mind, I very un-girly when it comes to relationships.) this also coincides with things to consider before declaring every fight a break up -
1. every fight is not a break up.
2. maybe he is frustrated or distracted with something that has nothing to do with you or ANY OTHER GIRL. it could be work, exams, classes, other guy friends, some game, his family.
3. no if he isn't telling you what's bothering him, it doesn't mean he doesn't trust you or whatever, maybe he just doesn't want to put all that on you, or doesn't think it’s important enough.
4. don't expect him to watch every movie you want to see, guys' image is shattered if they are seen going to twilight, anything with 'love' in it.
5. you didn't see transformers with him? did you?
oh and while I’m at it, same rule applies to malls; the concept of window shopping doesn't happen in a guy's head. that is what your girlfriends are for.
6. if he fights with you on stupid things - he is stupid, leave him alone for a bit.
7. if he fights with you on important things - he cares enough to...don’t take it as a challenge to fight back, sort it out instead.
8. when he says sorry, he wants the fight to end.
9. if it’s your fault, then say sorry. you always want him to say it right? don’t let your ego ruin your relationship. keep EGO out.
10. and if I tell you he is right/ and you need to dump him/get over it/you are being silly/or something to that effect. you tell me – that I am being mean/it hurts/don’t be so insensitive.
HA! if you want it like it is - then suck it and take it from me. I don’t care if it hurts, may be its true that is probably why it hurts. or tell me what you want to hear and save me the pain.

Because you ask me what to do- and when I tell you what to do, you don’t listen to me -which means my advice was hitting a brick wall - and that hurts. and when I tell you what really happened, why you really got into that situation, how it could have been your mistake -- you tell me, that's not what you want to hear.

I am sorry, I am not here to be your pillow, or that doll that stares back at you, cos if that's what you want I’ll gladly gift you one. I know I am supposed to be a friend and listen to all this and blah, but hey it gets boring listening to the same story a bazillion times.

See, I didn’t want to start my blogging venture with a negative-ish blog, but I just needed this.
I love that I can write about anything I want! also, I really love you (my girlfriends) but you need to understand this.

here's a song just for you.


  1. hahahaa .. Good Job , Good Job !!

  2. Well written and from the heart!!

  3. hahah this is killer .. exactly my state of mind !

  4. Ohh...this is just so beautiful!!! hahahahaha!!! :D :D Darn Right Perfect!