Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Main Man

While I was spending all my life trying very hard not to become my mom(as a teenager; for obvious reasons), I didn't realize that I became my dad. And nothing makes me more proud. While I take after both of them, my mom in her looks, her charisma, her confidence and her temperament too. I am happy to say I take on my dad in his work ethic, his loving and his giving back.

Over the last few years, I have realized what a truly privileged life I have had only because I was born to him and not for anything substantial that I have done. If I have pride from my mom, I got modesty from my dad. I can write for days about how I am going to be forever indebted to him, stories will include how he tolerated(not really) me having a boyfriend(s), me failing exams, me doing stupid shit in general, him flying to america for 48 hours just to attend my graduation because I threw a fit, to how he has been there for me through every goddamn stupid life situation, and how no other man will be good enough because he will always be measured up against my dad. How he has been there for every single parent teacher meeting, and celebrated our measly milestones as if it was a nobel prize, been the parent that spoiled us just as mom turned her back. You have been flawless.

I love you. You may never actually read this, because then you will end up reading my previous posts and that would just be uncomfortable for both of us. But if and when I let you, I love you and thank you. I know I'm your favorite, but let's not spoil it for the other two just yet.

Epilogue(more of an after thought): Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day etc all get a lot of hate from people saying that we should celebrate our loved ones every day, and that we don't need one day of the year to express all this love. But the truth is - we don't. In the normal thing that is life, people don't stop and appreciate the ones around them, they don't pamper or spoil the ones they love, and they don't show their gratefulnesses to their significant ones either. I think - minus the commercialization aspect of holidays - it is absolutely necessary to have a day kept aside every year to celebrate the ones we love.  It's like birthdays, you want one day of the year that you are allowed to be happy for no other reason than that you were born. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mind over Matter

The biggest fights we have are ones between our mind and our heart. The one between what we should do and the one that we want to do. On the one hand, there is the practical, sensible, the one that makes most sense, and the one that in the long run may prove to be more successful. And on the other hand, there is the one you want, the one that is easy, the one with love and friendship and the things that matter more.

Neither is wrong. One takes all the decisiveness you have, all the will power in the world and all the diligence. The other takes guts, the guts to follow what makes you happy, the courage to go against practicality and all the people who think they know the best for you.

The first is the road more travelled, you know more or less exactly how your next few years will play out, you know that it is at the end of the day the smarter thing to do. it will make a lot of people around you happy, it will make them happy because you did what they suggested, it will make other people happy because it seems logical, well planned, you will be exemplary and also successful in most ways.

The second however will make you happy, the pharell-clap-along-if-you-are-happy kind of happy. Its risky, it may not work out in your favor as you had hoped but it will be okay because you did what you wanted. People around you will tell you how you made a mistake by not listening to them and by being selfish. Being selfish is not looked upon as a positive attribute in our culture.

What do you do then? What side do you pick, do you voluntarily take something that will instantly gratify you but may ultimately put you behind a few steps on the road to success or do you bite your lip, drink the poison go with something that is ideal and absolutely practical? Do you give into the ambition you have harbored and worked so hard for all these years, or do you succumb for once to the romantic in you. In this dog-eat-dog world, isn't it better to be smart because sentiment is overvalued? Is it, at the end of the day, braver to close your eyes and take that leap of faith or is it in fact much harder to tell your heart to shut it for just five more minutes and do what your brain is telling you, because there are no excuses in life.