Saturday, August 25, 2012

You Sir, are a coward. And I’m calling you out!

 So most of my blog posts are about people or relationships or food, because well if you aren’t passionate enough, you aren’t going to do it right. So here goes.

To every guy who has broken a girl's heart for the wrong reasons, you are a pussy my friend. I’d feel better picking a fight with a skunk, because its lies probably don’t stink as much as yours! And this very specifically is aimed at the guys who have broken up with a girl over the phone or IM or email. And of course to every guy who has been in a long distance relationship and destroyed them.

It’s just never going to be okay to spend time with your girl and then break up right after she is back to where she lives. After you spent the best summer(month/week/days) with her, promising her everything was alright and of course baby I still want to date you. You are not a man of honor. You know very well you are going to end it, do it to her face if you have the guts.

Here's the thing about long distance relationships, they work if you want them to work. They take 10x as much from you as a regular relationship, but like I said they will work if you want them to. You don’t get into one, if you are not sure or if you are confused, you can’t just be in it without any future goal in mind. Because then it’s just a waste of everyone's time. you really have to want it, enjoy the other person's long talks about when they are tired at the end of the day, how terrible life is etc. it’s not a cake-walk, when you can just -go-out-have-fun-make-out-and-go-to-bed. Its way more than that, it should make you want to appreciate the other person when they are physically around you.

I get it, it’s never easy, it’s hard, the different time-zones and the different (sometimes) countries you are in, and the different life styles. The bottom-line it you are in this because you really love this person. Not because you get someone to sleep with when they come visit you. You are in this because no matter what, you always want to say good night to this person even if its 8am in your time zone.

And this next 2 lines are for both the men and the women

It takes tons of effort, you have to blindly trust the person, you have to believe them at face value, and you have to just be unconditionally forgiving when they fall asleep, even though you had a Skype date.

But because it’s hard it does not giving you a damn right to call it quits just when there is trouble in paradise. And if that what you want to be, piece of shit who can’t deal with a little bit of drama, then don’t effing lie about it. Be a man about it and tell her you don’t see any future in this, or you can’t keep up with the distance or whatever the truth maybe. Don’t lie! Don’t tell her it was her fault when really you are the chicken. Don’t make her believe she isn’t contributing to it, because let me spell it out to you. If she's boobs, she's got people who want her. Get it? If she is giving up on her real life and going back home just so she can Skype with her boyfriend instead of hanging out with her real friends, then she is really making an effort.

And the reason I’m hating on guys in this post is because, women have bigger balls than you when it comes to emotions. They have twice as many emotions and sentiments for anything you have ever felt. They don’t chicken out of relationships because they aren’t with you physically every day. They are ready to wait it out for when they finally see you after a year for 3 days.

This song I just pasted here, it’s for you. Because you really thought I was into you ...didn’t you?

And to my girlfriends, it’s time you moved on and well, have some real fun ...ifyaknowhatimean!!!