Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lost things

Things you will never get back.

1. Your favorite book that you lent to a friend's friend.
2. Your first kiss.
3. The time you spent crying over a lost love.
4. The feeling you get when you are about to get somewhere you never even dreamed of going to.
5. The feeling you get when you give up an opportunity you know you will never get back.
6. The way you were before you read or watched something significant for the first time, not knowing that you will never be the same again.
7. Words that you said in anger without thinking them through.
8. The scarf you gave your freezing friend. Make sure you give your second favorite, because you are never seeing that again. Thanks Lina.
9. Your graduating class, be it school or college. You will never be in a room full of so many people you love or so much potential again.
10. The time when your only worry was who got more maggi among your siblings or when you could spend all afternoon shooting things with your imaginary gun.
11. Your favorite pair of earrings you left at your friend's house in another country when you visited her.


-that's ok, because your friend will love that book just as much as you did and whats the point of a good story if it's not shared.
-and that's ok too because you will have more first kisses and they will mean so much more and more importantly you will have a kiss that will be the kiss to top it all.
-every lost love however brief deserves that you spend time reflecting on how it changed you.
-what follows after you reach that place is a thousand times better than what you ever imagined.
-whatever you gave up that opportunity for will be so much more satisfying, and you will for sure have another better opportunity come up.
-oh your life will change and your perspective will expand exponentially.
-well this sucks, but better out that in.
-now you have a warmer friend and that's whats important
-you now have a friend on every continent in half the countries around the world and more instances of feeling proud of their achievements by association.
-well now you can buy all the maggi you want, and eat it too. also you can facetime them anytime you are eating it and rub it in their face.
-she can enjoy wearing them and hopefully remember you every time that she does.