Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The End.

Every good thing comes to an end.

However good they maybe, they will end. Some will end in fifteen days, some in minutes, some take years and other even longer like lifetimes but they all end. Friendships, relationships, love stories, travels, careers and in the end, lives.

How foolish are we to think so highly of our passions, and our adventures to think that our stories will mean anything to anyone except us. In the great big universe that there is we are nothing but a blink of an eye; here today gone tomorrow. Every book in the world tries to teach us to either get rid of temptation or to give in to it and we do, one or the other, in the end only to realize that it makes no difference at all.

And it makes you wonder, what was the point of all of that, all the aspirations, the yearnings, the wants and the ambitions.