Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sitting Waiting Wishing

The perfect date.

That feeling when you wake up with grin on your face, knowing well that the day ahead is going to be amazing is unparalleled. You take a shower and brush your teeth with a smile so large, if people saw, they'd think you are loopy. 

You meet around noon by the beach, which is right by the street that has been closed off for a wine tasting festival. You feel shy and are hesitant, but you hold hands and walk into the chilly water, hoping it will warm up. It doesn’t, but you still hang in there, knee deep in the sea, even in your brand new dress that you bought especially for today. 

You are oblivious to everything around you; the crowd is just the background score to the song that's pumping in your heart. You steal a kiss, splash some water and head back to the wine stalls. You try the chardonnay and the pinot noir, the sauvignon blanc and the moscato, but nothing relaxes the nerves you have, because everything is perfect and you don’t want the moment to pass. You sit down and listen to the local band playing their latest numbers, concentrating on the lyrics and squinting in the sun, all your mind cares about is how beautiful this afternoon has been. 

As time passes and the last pours are made, you head back to the beach - for another walk. You realize he loves the same songs you love, but would never admit to the outside world. Before you know it, you are both singing the same songs in sync, and it feels absolutely natural. All hesitancy is lost. 

You go back home and he offers to order your favorite kind of food, maybe it’s just an accident, but a happy one. And then to make it even more perfect, he wants to watch harry potter with you. Because he understands your obsession of it, and maybe even joins in on it. 

Even if you are super obnoxious and say all the dialogues in a fake British accent 1 second before they do in the movie - he continues watching it with you.

But what if, you've already had this date? The realization which comes with the next morning that you just had the most perfect day, and even though it’s yours to keep, this may never happen again. that is bittersweet in every sense. You are glad you had it, but sad that it’s over. Well in that case, you hope, he thought so too.