Thursday, July 28, 2016

Weird AF

Today will go down in my personal history as the weirdest day that has ever been.

I had particularly atrocious meeting with a lawyer regarding my future which sounded more and more like Meghan Trainor's NO by every passing minute. After finding out that no I cannot do the things I have been planning to do for the last 4 months and that my career track is back to a stand fucking still, I found myself walking dejectedly into a mall looking for something to eat.

Just after refusing a sales person asking me to try something this super cute 88 year old man asks me what am I doing in the mall at this time of the day. He proceeded to tell me that since the mall floors are smooth, and its cool in there and there is good coffee he is in the mall chilling, but why is a 25 year old girl in the mall at noon on the thursday. He asked me why I'm not married, because that's something all old people just do I guess, he joked about he was the youngest person there because he ran into a 'senior' who was 96. He then told me his entire life story for the next 30 minutes, how he met his wife, about army, how he came to the states from Poland when he was 14 and his kids and more. All the while giving me a solid love life advice about how - if you find a boy, just hang around him till he notices you.

He kept bringing home the point that I was lovely and well educated and that any guy would be happy to have me. Because thats exactly what his wife did and they have been together 60 years now.

So obviously after that I was in a slightly better mood but still a little bummed out and walked into a Mexican restaurant for lunch. It was a nice normal lunch until out of nowhere the server bought this tiny inch tall Mexican worry doll and said, here keep this under your pillow, it will take all your troubles away.

I don't know if I was exuding that much stress but my day definitely turned around after that. You don't just get two giant ass voices of the universe come to you on the exact day that you need them the most. I don't know if I am just looking for signs to feel better or if this was for real, but today was weird AF.