Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Play this song as you read: 

the thing about perfect days, is that they come without a warning. sometimes you realize half way during the day that you are going to remember every minute of this day with startling clarity.

some perfect days are the perfect mix of spontaneity and planning. some perfect days are the right combination of nostalgia and freedom. some of them are full of your favorite people. some of them have your best friend getting married. they make you forget punctuation and grammar. lately I've had a few of them in quick succession and they have made me see magic everywhere.

one of those was spent reading love letters and poems written in high school, full of hope and innocent love and lifelong promises. it was spent sitting next to a friend, watching the city lights dim by the seaside. we saw the city together like tourists, ate all the must eats and drank all the must drinks. it was singing songs out of tune in the not long enough commute without a care in the world.

another one was spent in a little cottage by yet another seaside but of a different ocean a thousand miles away. it was when running their hands through my hair became cafuné. it was when a open bleeding heart healed all the wounds yet to come. in that moment we were infinite. it was eating soup dumplings in a city where all you could eat was seafood. it was finding our brunch spot even if just for two days. it was listening to our favorite songs and reading to each other and dancing sober.

can one perfect day be more perfect than another? no? that's not how it works? ok.

there was another where my heart was finally home. i was in a place where my closest friends all meet every year. it was being safe, it was being myself after so many months of finding someone with whom i could just be me. it was realizing that the right dog can make you a dog person. it was baking cake for my best friends birthday and dancing all night, something that everyone knows i have literally never done before. it was driving alone with windows down and wind in my hair and being transported back to a different lifetime.

perfect days are those that make you love again, that make you see the stardust in the universe, and feel the blood in your veins, make you alive.