Monday, April 11, 2011

men and women are both from earth.

No other planet could create something so complicated yet so simple.

restaurants, bars, subways, museums, classes, anywhere really that men and women can be together, I have come across one common thing - how much women talk and how much men listen. A lot and very little, respectively. The first time I noticed this was when I was with my family in a pizza hut and realized how many couples there were around me, married, dating and friends. Every table had the same scene, the girl talking and the man listening (read: staring into space) to her. and that when I started observing this very interesting fact, everywhere I went, every couple I saw and every place that I could observe this, my realization gained body.

Of course I have to say I am not offended, amused rather and I have two takes on it. One is that well yes men should really pay more attention to what their women are saying, because, just for their own sake, they might get into big trouble for just staring. You know, she is going to realize at some point.
Then again, we really just want a guy who will listen and not interrupt, as I have also noticed, when he does interrupt he is promptly asked to shut up and not give his opinion.

Women on the other hand, extremely complex as they come never cease to entertain me. They will follow every astrology book and website in the world, and keep track of what their daily horoscope tells them(guilty) and ask advice of everything that's got absolutely no legitimacy and believe it too but they won't believe another human being. Especially males.
The poor guy is telling you what he is thinks or doesn’t think about you and your clothes and your shoes and your looks and your feelings, but you just won't believe him. They will consult every girlfriend of theirs' and their boyfriends too (to get a male opinion) and then in the end, come back to what the tarot cards said. WTH???

Again my Libran head won't let me rest in peace until I say both sides of the story. Due to the few bad men out there who have broken trusts of the good women, women are compelled to have that bad taste.

But then, give the guy a chance...not all of them are bad. How can you believe what a stranger has to say about your relationship when they know nothing about it, how can you trust stars to 'guide you' when you can't trust yourself?


OK I know this is really random stuff, but stuff I notice and since it’s my blog I can blog about anything I think about. Also I’m thinking of diversifying my blogs and every time I cook something I think is great and worth sharing, or even if I come across really good food in general, I am going to try and post picture and something about it.