Sunday, December 16, 2012

Top 10 of 2012.

These are listed on no particular order, maybe timeline wise if nothing else. I know the last point is like 3 points, but whateves, this is my blog.

1. Fun - We are young/Some nights.
This song reminded me of what a powerful period of life I am in. the feeling of invincibility that only comes with being 21.

2. Getting a job
More than anything else this year, this moment made me eternally grateful to God and the universe. For giving me a real chance to prove myself. 

3. Getting to address the international students’ reception.
Being one of the two people who got this opportunity, and getting nominated for it, made me realize that not only do people trust me to represent them, but also that I have great responsibility to not completely screw up, with all those people looking at me.

4. Commencement 2012.
the overwhelming feeling, being in a room with 2000 others, not knowing how many of them I’ll ever see again, what each of us will make of our lives and potential that graduates have to make a difference. 

5. First wedding of the house/Sister's big day
This was by far the highlight of the year for obvious reasons. All of us cousins got together for the first time in 10 years, we danced and ate and drank and shopped till we couldn’t anymore. Most of all, seeing that weddings really do bring out the best and worst of everyone.

6. Leaving WV/Moving to UT
Everything I had known for 4 years, claimed my own, I knew the roads like the lines on my palm. Everything that had owned me, and everyone, was going to change. Moments like this, make you realize how much you take for granted, and how you never value something when it’s there. Moving to a new place where I didn’t know a single person was extremely exciting. The new mistakes, the new streets, were just labeled to be mine.

7. Meeting a best friend for the first time in 4 years.
This was probably the most anticipated and planned day of the year. So naturally, nothing went according to plan. It was a beautiful, sunny day in my most favorite city of New York. Catching up with someone you used to know, to see how much they have changed and how you are an entirely new person. But in the craziness of it all, you still get along, you still love them, you still can stand each other.

8. Starting to grow up/Being employed
The Humility that came with being surrounded by freakishly smart people. Learning that from this moment on, I am on my own. Just me and my decisions and their consequences.

9. Buying my first car
Just for the sheer greatness of it all, this moment was a big deal. being behind the steering wheel, gives you a surge of control, and an adrenaline rush from realizing that you really can decide how and what happens to you.

10. Making new friends/Reading Stardust/getting a massage.
The first one is obviously the hardest, by the time you are done with college and all its fun; you look for different things in people. You also realize that everyone has a loco side and a dark side. And the only thing you can do about it is, accept it and get over it. The book I am talking about reminded me of the first point. We are young. It reminded me of my love for reading. How words can transport me to a completely different world, and how that escape is the best of all. How there will always be a piece of me that will want Hogwarts to be a real thing. Because only those who believe in magic, see it. And well to end the year on a good note, I got myself my first massage. And maybe because it was my first, or that it was just so damn good, I was in heaven. I knew what it felt like to achieve the nirvana state of mind. I had no thought in my head for 2 hours following that. Just peace. Nothing else. It was beautiful and so so necessary at the end of this crazy awesome year. 


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