Monday, December 10, 2012

t'is the season - to be thankful.

I wish I didn’t have to do this so often, but disclaimer: this is my blog. I can write whatever I want in it. Stop judging. If u want to judge go somewhere else. Plenty of other blogs out there asking for your opinion. Not this one. So, bitch please.

So over time, I have heard myself claim that I have always had more guy-friends than girlfriends, and how they are so much lower maintenance than the girls. While at any given point, that is and has been true, but the few girls who have stuck out, deserve every bit of maintenance they require.

There is one I have always known. I knew her since kindergarten. We were destined to know one another. There is no one else like her. One look in her eyes, I know her heart and she knows mine. We can even tell what the other wants to hear, on the phone miles apart. she is brilliant, because she is beautiful; she is clever and solo fucking smart. she knows just when to clip my wings, because she knows me just too damn well. she is my soul mate and I will forever and ever love her. we don’t even have to try when we are around each other. the occasional I love you is enough for us to know that we are in love, even if that's all we exchange. she has been a constant in my life since I was 3.

There is another who I consciously remember as being my first 'best' friend. I made her cards, and she made me some. we had stay overs and tried to do girly things, and failed miserably. she gave me my first reader's digest. she is an alter ego in many ways, and I guess that's why we complement each other so well. she is brilliant because I know, when all else fails, she is solid.

There is a third, who is the hardest to maintain. and also the most worthy of it. she is me in a different body, but times 10 on the crazy scale. it’s hard to keep her happy, but it’s something I love doing, everyday. she is the person I can say the craziest thing to; confide all my fantasies and our friendship is strong enough that we don’t laugh at each other on the face. she is just as confused as me, just as mental, just as romantic and just as utterly lost. she is my soul sister, my high school savior, my personal punch bag and everything a best friend should be.

The next one came a little differently. I wanted to be friends with her before I met her. well that’s because I was devoid of female companionship prior to that, but anyway. she is beautiful, she is elegant, and she is simple and just every bit so complicated. she is the perfect girl-friend (emphasis on girl). even I feel like behaving like a girl when I’m around her. she knows exactly what to say to comfort you at any time, she does not judge and she just loves. she fights for things that are worth it. and also sometimes for things that are not. she has some issues, but oh well, so do I. she is my favorite project to work on, I am hers. she is the exact opposite of me when it comes to boys, but we still like the same boys. she is my photo booth buddy. nuff said.

The last one, because 4 bffs are not enough, is a recent addition to my collection. she meets me halfway on everything I say or think. she is half like me and half a different person. she represents hope. she reminds to be humble and to be cocky at the same time. and I teach her to be fabulous in return. she is every bit a diva a girl should be and bad ass when it comes down to things. she is very different from my usual choice of friends and thus so much more special. she takes the cake when it comes to saying it like it is, and not being afraid to give her opinion her thing. I love her, truly, madly and deeply.

These girls have taught me everything I know. I owe you one.

P.S. - if you recognize yourself and are offended by what i have written, i apologize in advance. because this is my most sincere-est form of appreciation. And i love you with all my heart.

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