Sunday, November 18, 2012

Strawberry fields forever

There comes a time in everyone's life, when they get the realization, that there is too many things to do and too many places to see and very little time.

This realization can come at many different times in life, or at any stage. It can come when you graduate high school, when you graduate college, when you are nearing the end of a really long relationship, when you get you first real job and hence ur first big paycheck, or when ur 48. I can say with much conviction, that this is a life changing moment in a person's life. It usually affects all the immediate people around them. Partners, roommates, love interests, parents, friends, siblings etc. and if the counterparty is caught off guard, it can be very discerning for them.

Here I'd like to repeats Peter Parker's uncle's words. With great power comes great responsibility. So here is the deal; power because when this enlightenment hits you, you are infinite in that moment. You are responsible to break it to those around you as gently as possible. Trust me it sucks being at the receiving end of this news. You cannot be responsible for how they react, as only time will tell, but it's in ur hands how you deal with their reaction.

More times than less, people do not react to change positively. Especially if you know any engineers, you'll know what I mean. They are the most pessimistic of the lot. Even if they have dreamt of owning a Porsche all their life, they’ll buy a Honda because of its proven worth. Anyhow, I digress, I'll save my rant on engineers for another blog. But the point is, people don't like change, if it's not in their comfort zone, or out of the ordinary, they will be resistant to it. It's how you ease them in to it. Sometimes ripping out the band aid in one swift motion is good, sometimes you just have to rip it, slowly.

This moment, keep in mind isn't always a good thing. People have been known to do just really stupid things when this happens. So, always take someone into confidence and well confide. Tell them how you feel, and what you think. It doesn't have to be your BFF or your bf or ur sibling. It can be anyone you think you have a connection with. Another side note, a lot of times when you think there is a connection, there probably is. Explore it. Sometimes a person who doesn't give to many effs about you, probably has good advice in such a case, because ur decision doesn't affect them.

And well, if you've made up your mind, and decided to go for it, after countless hours of one part of your brain arguing with the other part of it. Then seriously bro, just go for it. Close to nothing is permanent. People will be pissed, and hurt and angry and then they will finally understand. And well if they don’t. Oh well. At least you got something out of it. Again, after you have seen everything and done everything and it kind of sucked and those people give you the I said so look. Oh well, its fun to be stubborn sometimes.

And I’m not a dark person, but hey if you die sky diving, at least you know you were having fun doing it. And seriously, this does not mean do stupid things. Please use ur brain. Don't be an idiot.

The fact of the matter is, everyone at some point in their life, tragically, grows up. Then, things you thought were cool are not cool anymore, things you could do being a fool are foolish, getting wasted on a Tuesday night is not acceptable, long road trips to nowhere seem to be a waste. And that just sucks! so do it while you can, plus when you get older, you have to be responsible and stuff.

In a familiar land, not too long ago, I knew of a girl who broke up with the best guy she had ever been with, because she wanted to 'see the world', be someone before she could be someone's, do stupid shit instead of making out. And well I don't know the end to the story yet, but she is seeing the world. Going places. Having fun.

The fact of the matter is that in the end, it's not what anyone thinks of your life, but what you think of it. You may lose people along the way, and it will hurt and looking back you’ll wish you didn't do that. But in the end....quoting linkin doesn't even matter :)

When you tell your many grandchildren or your friends children what a mental person you were growing up, they won't believe you and neither will you. So get away with ridiculous stuff as long as you can. You want to have a juicy story to scare your grand kids right?

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