Sunday, September 2, 2012

stuff that always makes me happy.

Sprinklers. Cars. Shopping. Friends. New Friends. Books. Harry Potter. Photographs. Memories. Movies. Food. Lots of food. Cooking. Music. Bollywood. People with passion. Desire. Rain. Nail paint. Hula hoop. Literature. Poems. Balloons. Gifts. Gifts that are wrapped. Paintings. Cartoons. Dancing. The way the weather is right before its about to rain. The smell of the first rain. Most rain related things. Romantic comedies. Really stupid action movies. Romance. Love. Parents of friends. Karaoke. Window shopping. Writing. Reading. Talking. Good long conversations about nothing. Jumping in a rain puddle. Sprinklers. Inspirational people. Football. Arguing about everything. Traveling. The 90s. POP CORN. sleeping. chivalry.Rainbows. Cats. My grey parrot.

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