Sunday, September 2, 2012


One of my friends posted a very simple true and heartwarming quote on facebook today. And it accelerated what I have been thinking to write about for a while. He wrote "We may not talk for months or see each others that often. But, being my friend is like having a permanent diplomatic mission with me and there is a part of me which will always be yours entirely." 

If there was an eHow on how to be friends, this would probably be in it. It’s true, when you meet someone, whether you like it or not, they take away a part of you with them. This will always be theirs no matter what. And that is the beauty of friendship. It doesn’t always ask and tell. You don’t have to be formal and worry about things.

Its funny how making a new friend is almost like dating. You want everything to go well, you want to like them and you want them to like you. You set up times to go shopping or 'hang out' or movies and see if you have the same opinion, and if not at least don’t mind not having the same opinion. Sometimes it’s crazy, because you know in the first 5 seconds that you are going to be bffs. But other times, you don’t, you try out different things and see how you like a person.

The wonderful thing about friends is how they are always there for you. You can do stupid things without the fear of being judged. You can be judged by your friends but you both know that no effs are being given. Isn’t it amazing when you have a friend you don’t speak to very often, but when you do, it’s great. You finally feel rested that you told them about everything that was going on with you. And there are others who you have to tell everything to right away. And there are still others that you have to say nothing at all and they know exactly how you feel. I feel blessed because I have all of these. The last is my favorite kind. Nothing is more beautiful than their company.

I just very recently got back in touch with a friend; I used to be friends with when I was 12. We hadn’t kept in touch after she left like we had promised. Of course some of it is to be blamed on not so advanced technology and the rest to age. But getting back in touch with her was one of the best things vie done in a while. We skyped, basically for the first time in 12 years, and I was scared it would be awkward. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Not only did we continuously talk for 3 hours, the only reason we kept the call was because it was late in the night. 

There is a reason why friends are called the family that you get to pick. They make life’s ups and downs more enjoyable. They make breakups seem easier, and road trips memories of a lifetime, they are your true critics, because; face it, no one wants to be seen with an idiot.

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