Friday, July 21, 2017

Not the nice stuff.

Stuff that sticks with you, people who said them may or may not still be in your life. They probably never meant it in a bad way. Someone said they were giving you constructive criticism, some said it as a joke. But in the middle of a conversation it will come back to you 10 years later. It doesn't affect you now, because it didn't affect you then. But that doesn't mean you forgot about it, oh no, it's still very much there.

1. You have a big head. Like size wise.
2. You are never going to be the hot kind, you are like the cute types.
3. Your arms are like a bears. Pre giving into the being hairless trend.
4. You have fat fingers.
5. Her hair is funny. After losing all the hair to hormones as a 15yo.
6. She needs a nose job.
7. Your face looks like a monkey's face. unbleached and unwaxed.
8. You are not cute, you are sexy.
9. You cry a lot.
10. Your laugh sounds fake.
11. You don't cry enough.
12. You are insensitive.
13. You are too sensitive.
14. You are bossy. and yes also, you are too much of a pushover.
15. I didn't ask you because I didn't think you would be good enough for this.

Hi, no its not okay for you to say this to anyone. Even when someone says they are looking for feedback, no it's still not okay to say this. And if it's unsolicited, you should never say these things. What is wrong with you if you think any of these are okay to say? 

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