Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Why I eat alone.

Because I don’t need anyone else to tell me that my fajita burrito is perfection.

While a lot of activities are more enjoyable when shared, food fortunately is not one of them. You could have a meal in the presence of others, but their presence has nothing to do with how good my food will taste or how much I will enjoy it.

I love that if I wanted to I could walk into a restaurant and order two appetizers, a soup and a drink, a main and more sides, because I’m gluttony personified. I like to take that hour of the day to disconnect from social pressure of making conversation or even listening to anyone else. Even as an extrovert, sometimes you need a minute to recharge and food does exactly that. To reflect on your own thoughts and read that book, or brainstorm on that really backdated blog.

Eating alone sometimes gets a bad rep, but take it from someone who is reasonably attractive and could get a date every day for a year for every meal, there is nothing sad about it. In fact nothing is more empowering when in this very social world, if you can still do what you want without giving a fuck. Though the real satisfaction comes when you do it not to make a point but to really treat yo self. 

If you can take a person you love, out on a date, it is just as important to treat yourself with the same attention. Go out and eat your favourite food, or try that new restaurant that you've been wanting to try or the diner around the corner that has the greasiest waffle fries and the absolutely artificial but perfect milkshake. You don’t even have to Instagram it. Imagine that. Being able to enjoy your own company is extremely important, to be able to get in touch with yourself, analyse how you have been feeling and where you are headed, or celebrate the complement you received from your boss that day. Phones, conversations, books, and work are all distractions that sometimes come in the way of realizing the little things.

And if you don’t want to do any of this next level thinking stuff, you can always just use the time to enjoy your meal with the satisfaction of knowing that no one will ask you to share it or take a bite out of your food, or a sip of your drink and keep their paws off your plate. 

P.S. : yes that song has nothing to do with the content. I know that. But it's a catchy song. 
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