Monday, August 4, 2014

Fool on the hill

I think the person who breaks up with another person is often blamed unjustly. As a society we need to give more credit to the person who has the courage of pulling out of a relationship before it goes bad. For a long time I felt very guilty of breaking a heart, the one I had cared about for so long. But I knew before he did, and saw what he chose to unsee where the relationship was headed and took the decision for both of us. So I did it, I unplugged.

And I gladly accepted my position as the break-uper and knew that all the hate I got from him and his friends was justified to an extent, because had he dumped me it would have been exactly reversed. I knew I wanted to be there for him anyway he needed me, just not in a romantic way. Because before everything else, he was first and foremost my friend and I never wanted to change that equation.

But now that almost an equal amount of time has passed since the break up as the duration of our relationship. I cannot and will not make an effort to reach out and try to be 'friends'. I expect you to grow the fuck up. After a while, even the guilt trip completes it's lap and yea I broke your heart, but you broke mine every day since then. I may have wronged you, but that does not give you the right to show me down every single time you get a chance to. We are now equals in terms of the crime committed. I no longer feel the weight of my actions.

Bye forever.

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