Friday, December 2, 2011

Unless its a matter of life and death.

Sometimes I wonder if I am heartless because I am unaffected by death. Not unaffected entirely, but not like a normal person. a lot of things make me cry, when I my parents yell at me I cry, when I get angry I cry, when I fight with my siblings I invariably cry. But for some reason I don't when someone goes to the other side.

Isn’t it true that everything that breathes must stop at some time, as sure is birth so is death. Anything born come with the number of days it will live. Animal and child alike. Then why is it so hard for us to digest it? Am I too young to know this, or have I not experienced it closely enough to be affected by it could be questionable.

I feel sorry for the loss, the fact that we will never hang again, and never laugh together and eat together and make new memories, and it is possible that over time we will make new memories which will replace those that we made with the one. But that's life isn't it. I believe everything that goes, comes back and so on. And everything that goes moves on to a different plane that we are yet to see, many people call it the better place. I believe it probably is so. If it wasn’t, so many people wouldn’t give up their whole world and move there? Would they?

The question again is, maybe because I haven’t experienced it from close enough. Could be, I hope I don’t have to. From where I come, we don’t talk about death so lightly, we don’t talk about death at all unless absolutely required, and talking about it makes it somewhat ugly and real. I agree to an extent; however I feel it is the most natural act of life, like someone famous once said, death is so terrible because it happens all the time.

In my many years of reading and thinking I have come to realize that every life has something to teach us just as every death. If it was a life of love, it was worth living it. No person comes into his being without having fully experienced life. Some may say what about untimely deaths and deaths of the young ones, but they were just not ready for the world at the time, they come back, you just have to keep an eye out for them. They come back all right and you don't even know how much closer they are to you the second time around.

Am I heartless because I’m not obviously moved by it?

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