Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blessings of life.

God’s gifts to other girls. They come in all shapes and sizes, styles and qualities, stuff you like about them and stuff you (sometimes) don't. But whatever their faults, their love-able-ness are far above it all. They make everything good in your life better and everything awesome even more awesome. They always just know what to say and what not, though don't get me wrong they give you stuff in your face when you need it.

They come with their drama and their problems; this is not necessarily a bad thing I’ve realized. because over the million conversations you have with them over wine, cheese, really yummy unhealthy junk food, really yucky healthy green teas, gigantic meals and cartons of ice cream, you come to learn a lot from their experiences. Girlfriends are like your guilty pleasures and the toughest company sometimes. they let you gloat in your awe but always bring you to level when it’s too much, they also let it sink in when you have screwed up but will still be close by to bring you up when you are too down in dumps.

Spending time with some of my girlfriends even now makes me feel like I’m 4; it becomes my play-time. You can talk to them about anything one can think of. Let it be girl stuff to boys to clothes to make up to your body to other people's body to anything between the sky and the earth. In front of them you don’t have to pretend to have grown up, you can play dress up weather you are 2 or 12 or 22. there is a certain understanding that never has to be established, it’s just always there like from the moment you see another girl who could be a potential friend you know in less than 8 seconds what friend she will be to you - your make up friend your fighting friend you soul sister your eating friend, your adviser friend or all of them in one. And I think every girl who reads this has a corresponding name to each.

Another thing that I have noticed is that when we girls are together we talk like no one is watching. The pearls of wisdom that we distribute are some of the most amusing and probably some of the smartest ever given. Though rarely applied to self we are great at pointing out what our friend should do and not do. we go to great lengths at justifying why we did what we did, to the point where the justification takes 2 days and the blessing is that our girlfriends who hear us out for those 2 long days know all through it that we are only pleasing ourselves. Catching each other’s excuses is so easy only because at some point we have done something equally unreasonable.

There is nothing that makes me happier than doing nothing with my friends and nothing will be ever more important to me than them.

This post is dedicated to all my blessings, thanks to which I am who I am. :)

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